World Renowned Shaman Joins LifeSource Retreats

World Renowned Shaman Joins LifeSource Retreats To Offer Guests A Cultural & Spiritual Experience in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico. Feb 16th, 2016. LifeSource Retreats has announced a new addition to their core team in Tulum, Mexico. World Renowned Shaman, Carlos Sánchez Jautziya Wawiekame – “Mist of the Morning”, Guardian of sacred places, Professor of Traditional Combat Systems of Polynesian Islands Native People and a delegate of the National Indigenous Council of Mexico of Aztec and Mayan decent joins Life Source Retreats to offer guests a cultural and spiritual experience.

Born in Mexico City in 1977, Carlos’ parents noticed from an early age the boy’s gift to heal, and his abilities were developed under the instruction and support of his father’s adoptive family. From generation to generation the family had mediums and healers who passed down the knowledge of their ancestors and they helped Carlos conduct and work with his gift to become a Shaman and ‘Curandero Mexicano’ (Mexican Healer).

As an integral part of the retreat experience at Life Source Retreats, Sánchez Jautziya leads the Heart Opening Ceremony, performs a Greet The Sun blessing ceremony and the Mayan Clay Healing ceremony and leads the tour of the Tulum Ruins and guides the Temazcal ritual as the ‘Temazcalero’.

The Temazcal is a traditional Mayan ritual of rebirth, recently named one of the Top 10 Global Spa & Wellness Trends by SpaFinder Wellness 365. The spiritual experience takes place inside a stone and mortar domed structure (a symbol of Mother Nature’s womb). Using steam created by herb infused water poured over glowing hot rocks in a central pit, the Temazcal ceremony purifies the body and cleanses the spirit.

As a Shaman, Sánchez Jautziya also performs individual services such as Spiritual Cleansing, Energy Healing and Card Readings. “I hold the soul and reconnect it with the source of energy, removing the negative energy,” says Sánchez Jautziya, “this connects you with higher forces for protection and healing.”

About Life Source Retreats:

Life Source Retreats Delivers Luxury Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Retreats in Tulum, Mexico. All-Inclusive destination retreats in a luxurious, tranquil space where our guests can connect and transform through wellness techniques such as yoga, meditation, detox, excursions, nature, sharing and a variety of exercises to nourish and expand the mind, body and soul. We seek to achieve inner peace and balance, not just during the retreat, but long after your suntan fades!