• Alaya Shared Garden Apartment, King Bed with possible Single Bed added – $2,700.00
  • Alaya Shared Garden Apartment, Single Bed – $2,400.00
  • Alaya Shared Ocean View Suite 2 Full Beds – $2,900.00
  • Retreat Only no room (includes all meals & other scheduled retreat) – $1,600.00
  • Shared Run-of-the-House, Single Bed or Better – $1,900.00

Live Life On Purpose: Law of Attraction: Live Life On Purpose! The calm atmosphere is the ideal setting to soothe stress and quiet the chatter of the mind. This powerful vortex seems to quicken the spiritual work our retreat program invites attendees to explore. Whether it's your first time or your tenth, Life Source Retreats help to connect you back to your highest, best self. Remember WHO YOU ARE and Live your Life on Purpose.

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Live Life on Purpose: The Law of Attraction

With Avelino May Xul, Michele Clark-Dougherty, LSR Team and Brittney Rose

April 8 - 13, 2019

What you focus on expands.  If you’re reading these words about this exact retreat, you’re clearly a powerful manifestor.  You Higher Self is guiding you and is likely seeking reminders.  Thoughts become things.  Like energy attracts like energy.  No one is in your head thinking your thoughts for you.   The average person thinks approximately 60,000 thoughts per day… but usually they are the same thoughts over and over!  The truth is, you get to choose what you think.  With practice, tools and this information, you can learn to retrain your habits of thought and be a deliberate creator of the life you want to live.  Discover the principles and understand how “The Law of Attraction” really works and you too can live YOUR life on purpose.

From “affirmations” to “vision boards,” from “gratitude journals” to “rampages of appreciation,” this retreat will help you remember what your Inner Self already knows.  Retreat attendees are offered tools & exercises to take home and implement into your daily life — Live Your Life on Purpose.  This is our most popular retreat… it’s just the beginning.  Based on over 25 years embracing these principles and by implementing studies from around the world, our Life Source Retreats founder co-leads this retreat herself, in collaboration with our powerful Shaman Healer and our Life Source Team!  Teachings are primarily based on The Seth Material as well as the teachings of  Abraham – Hicks.  Our beautiful Tulum location adds a “turbo-boost” to this experience … there is an energetic quickening that occurs here… so what may take 6 months to understand and implement, can often be accomplished in only 5 or 6 days here.

It is our goal to assist you in remembering that all you need is, and always has been, deep inside of you.  YOU are your own true “Guru”!

What’s Included

Each of our Life Source “Signature Retreats” include:

  • Luxurious accommodations
  • All meals, snacks, coffee, teas: healthy, delicious, locally sourced, freshly prepared, primarily gluten, dairy, & sugar free
  • Greeting of the Sun Meditations
  • Life-enhancing workshops and experiences
  • Daily yoga
  • Excursions
  • Healing experiences
  • Sunset sharing circles
  • Nighttime activities
  • Opportunities to stay connected long after the retreat is over
  • We incorporate “Be Free” time into each day so you book services from our Spa & Beyond menu, such as a Private Healing Session with our Shaman, a one-on-one session with one of our instructors, an appointment with our doctor of integrative medicine, a massage from one the local therapists etc etc.  You can also swim in the sea, take a walk, bike ride, shop, or just relax and read a book under a palm tree.  This is YOUR RETREAT!

Rates do NOT include:  Gratuities, Airfare, Ground Transport, Private Sessions or other things not listed on the retreat schedule

Everything is simply an INVITATION… to Relax, Remember, and Rejoice!

This week is about you treating yourself right so that you can return home with a renewed sense of ease, warmth, and radiance.

Oceanfront  $6400 $4300 each for shared
Oceanview $6100 $3900 each for shared
Garden $5700 $3600 each for shared
Family Villa
(sleeps 4)
$6800 SOLD OUT $3700 queen SOLD OUT
/ $3400 pp for bunk beds SOLD OUT
Garden $5700 SOLD OUT $3700 king SOLD OUT
/ $3400 twin bed SOLD OUT
Run of House Shared $3500 Shared Room with another person, room type TBD.  You WILL have your own bed

which could be a single, double,  king, garden or ocean views based on last minute avails

All rates listed are subject to a 21% taxes and  services.  Final totals shown at booking checkout.

Private occupancy allows one retreat participant per room. If you select Private occupancy and two participants, you will be requesting to book two private rooms. You may share a private room with someone who is not participating in the retreat, such as a friend or spouse.

If you select Shared occupancy, you will be requesting to share a room with another participant. Please specify roommate requests and if you want a king or two double beds at booking checkout

If you select Run of House, you will be in a shared room with a new friend, but the exact room and bedding type would be determined the day of arrival, based on availability.

Please read our terms and cancellation policy carefully before booking. Still have questions? Read the FAQ or contact us.


Avelino May Xul
Avelino is genuinely great human being, with blissful intentions for anyone crossing his path. He combines his therapies with osteopath techniques, massage, and mayan healing chants and prayer. He is one of the most authentic healers we have ever worked with.  You can always tell when someone has had a sessions with Avelino, because they are practically floating.  He is a very generous and open person, characteristics which greatly enhance the benefits that a therapist can provide. It is an…
Learn more about Avelino May Xul
Michele Clark-Dougherty
I am a spiritual warrior & creator of magical spaces who’s spent 30 years rockin’ the music industry as well. With a husband, children & grandchildren, I’ve transitioned mostly from Malibu CA to the white sand beaches of Tulum Mexico where I co-founded Life Source Retreats. Our retreats attract international like-minded teachers & students (we’re all both!) to share our gifts & remind each other of our inner wisdom & guidance.
Learn more about Michele Clark-Dougherty
LSR Team
You will meet our team of passionate healers and see straightaway that they are dedicated to making your experience with LifeSource Retreats first-in-class. We’re made up of a local group who guide your retreat experience year-round, and an international group of spiritual guides, therapists, healers, and wellness experts who travel to Tulum assist us during certain retreats and activities. Find out more about our team here:
Learn more about LSR Team
Brittney Rose
Brittney Rose is the one of Life Source Retreats co-founders along with David Graziano and Michele Clark.  Brittney has been creating, hosting and co-leading various retreats since the company’s inception in Tulum.  She is a certified yoga teacher and natural spiritual healer who has relocated back to Malibu California in order to oversee the company’s expansion to our newest location.   Brittney is available for private and group sessions and can be reached directly at     
Learn more about Brittney Rose