• $150.00 – One Private Healing Shaman Session
  • $175.00 – One Private Shaman Healing Session with Translator
  • $300.00 – Two Private Healing Shaman Sessions
  • $350.00 – Two Private Healing Shaman Sessions with Translator

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Private Shaman Healing Session

With Avelino May Xul

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This is a unique experience for every individual. Our Mayan Shaman is connected with nature, the Universe, All that Is, and he knows what your body needs.  Whether you have a physical condition you’d like to address, an emotional situation you’d like some relief or guidance with or you just want to feel better..  Even ONE session with Avelino transforms.  His sessions can involve body massage, sometimes he sings, or just touches specific points on your body or head.  Your body tell him what it needs.  We can often tell who has had a session with Avelino by the way they float through the rest of their day(s).   All Avelino does is based in Nature and Love.  Whatever is not LOVE, simply falls away in his loving presence.  Many retreat guests book 3 sessions in the course of just one week’s retreat because the benefits are cumulative.  All we can say is, if you have any time – we suggest you schedule this 45-­70 min (varies per person).   While much of Avelino’s work is energetic, some people choose to have an interpreter join the session and help translate Avelino’s Mayan words so your mind can also understand.  This isn’t necessary but is often helpful, especially if you schedule multiple sessions and want to go deeper.  

Sessions usually take place in the comfort of your own hotel room in Tulum.  If you are not in Tulum or would like to schedule another location for your session, we can often make arrangements to accommodate you.  Avelino also leads Temazcals, Mayan Clay Beach Ceremonies, his own unique Heal Yourself Workshop, Sunrise Meditation Greetings and Sharing Circles.  Contact Life Source Retreats for Additional information and check out our Youtube for snippets.

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Avelino May Xul
Avelino is genuinely great human being, with blissful intentions for anyone crossing his path. He combines his therapies with osteopath techniques, massage, and mayan healing chants and prayer. He is one of the most authentic healers we have ever worked with.  You can always tell when someone has had a sessions with Avelino, because they are practically floating.  He is a very generous and open person, characteristics which greatly enhance the benefits that a therapist can provide. It is an…
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