• Alaya Shared Family Villa, Luxury Loft single bunk bed – $2,300.00
  • Retreat Only – $1,950.00

Prices (USD) are per participant and include 5 nights’ accommodations, all meals*, and all retreat sessions. Full retreat price is due upon booking. All rates listed are subject to a mandatory 21% taxes and services.
*Final totals shown at booking checkout.

Location: Alaya Tulum, Mexico

Power Light Retreat Big Leap New Year's Retreat: A more physically intense retreat that focuses on lightening the body, mind and spirit. This is a more active retreat for those who are ready to transcend into a lighter Self. We believe in living a lifestyle that nourishes and supports you for your optimal wellness. Weight loss will occur naturally as you tune into your own life source and nature. Cleanse the impurities and release any excess thoughts that are weighing you down. This transformational journey is sure to help take the weight off spiritually speaking. Special guest co-leader Katerina Satori will be joining us for this retreat.

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Power Light The Big Leap New Years Retreat

With Avelino May Xul, Michele Clark-Dougherty, LSR Team and Katerina Satori

January 25 - 30, 2017

This New Year’s retreat will take you on a journey to lighten your mind, body & soul, physically and metaphorically, through life-altering experiences on the most beautiful beach in the world! Power Light has the elements of a bit more physically active retreat experience, but in ways that are creative!  Whether you’re 18 or 70 years old, our team will help customize this experience so you start off the New Year in nature and moving your body a bit more while setting your intentions and expanding your mind and heart.  Be the deliberate creator of your life!  We ALWAYS try to make it FUN as together we lightens our spirit and detox our minds and bodies!  For this special retreat only, inspirational coach and co-leader Katerina Satori will be joining our LSR Team.  Katerina brings her wisdom and inspiration…. and together with Avelino, Gloria, Michele and the rest of the LSR community, this retreat will stay with you long after your suntan fades.

The weight we create in our heads and carry on our hearts is often reflected on our bodies too. Our LSR team assists and motivates on all levels to help you attain YOUR truest, and powerful potential. We are reminded that the LIGHT is inside of you. If you’re ready to release the excess weight that often makes life feel heavy, “Be Light” or “Power Light” are great choices for your retreat experience.

Your body will love the natural detoxifying waters of the region’s underground sacred cenotes as well as being soothed with natural Mayan clay. The hot coals of the Temazcal ceremony will sweat out impurities like it never happened before. Experience the mystical healing energies of nature, our Shaman, and each other.

Our menu is carefully crafted to detox your body and speed up your metabolism.  The nutritious foods help cleanse, heal, and revitalize your intestinal track and turn your body into an energy-efficient vessel, while we redirect the focus of your thoughts and feelings to be more in alignment with your inner self.

Spend a week with us in paradise and you’ll take away new tools to live a healthier life physically, emotionally, and mentally. Lighten up and shine your most beautiful YOU!



katerina-blue Mayan Clay Ceremony71PowerLightRetreat

What’s Included

  • 6 days/5 nights luxurious accommodations at a 5-star property
  • All meals, snacks, coffee, teas: healthy, delicious, locally sourced, freshly prepared, primarily gluten, dairy, & sugar free. (see custom menu options)
  • Greeting of the Sun Meditations
  • Life-enhancing workshops, talks and exercises with both local and world renowned authors, teachers, healers and leaders
  • Daily yoga and/or other exercise class
  • Excursions into the ancient Mayan culture (examples could be bike ride to the Mayan ruins, temazcal, swim in a sacred cenote)
  • Healing experiences (examples could include Sound Healing, Mayan Clay detox ceremony, Heart Opening Circle, Fishbowl)
  • Fitness activities (bike rides, hikes, dance, swims, relays, beach walks/runs)
  • Sunset sharing circles
  • Nighttime activities (examples could include a dinner out, live music, baby turtle exploring, inspirations film or salsa dance class)

We also schedule free time into each day in case you want a service from our Spa & Beyond menu, a one-on-one session with one of our amazing Shaman or leaders, meet with our doctor of integrative medicine, watch the stars, the moon, the sunrise, shop, journal, or just relax and read a book under a palm tree.

Working Schedule for Power Light The Big Leap New Year’s Retreat

Working Schedule (Subject to Change)

Day 1, Wednesday 1/25

3:00pm – Arrivals/Check-in

5:30pm – Open Heart Ceremony

7:00pm – Welcome Dinner

8:00pm – Guided Meditation

Day 2, Thursday 1/26

7:00am – Coffee/Tea/Snack

7:10am – Greet the Sun Blessing & Mediation

7:45am – Yoga

9:15am – Breakfast

10:00am  Katerina workshop

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Mayan Clay beach experience

3:30pm Be Free Time

5:45pm – Snack & Beach Walk to Ahau

6:00pm – Mayan Temazcal Ceremony & Moonlight Dip

8:00pm – Raw Love Affair (Dinner)

9:00pm – Moonlight Beach Walk

Day 3, Friday 1/27

7:00am – Coffee/Tea/Snack

7:15am – Greet the Sun Mediation

7:45am – Yoga

9:15am – Breakfast

10:00am – Write Your New Story Workshop

1:00pm – Lunch

1:45pm – Be Free Time & Private Healing Sessions

4:30pm – Katerina workshop

6:15pm Sunset Sharing Circle

7:15pm – Dinner

8:00pm Sound Healing

Day 4, Saturday 1/28

7:00am – Coffee/Tea/Snack

7:15am – Greet the Sun Mediation

7:45am – Yoga

9:15am – Breakfast

10:00am – Avelino Workshop

1:00pm – Lunch

1:45pm – Ruins or Cenote Excursion

4:30pm – Katerina workshop

6:15pm Sunset Sharing Circle

7:15pm – Dinner Out

Day 5, Sunday 1/29

7:00am – Coffee/Tea/Snack

7:15am – Greet the Sun Mediation

7:45am – Yoga

9:15am – Breakfast

10:00am – Katerina Workshop

1:00pm – Lunch

1:45pm – Be Free & Private Healing Sessions

4:00pm – Fishbowl

7:00pm – Dinner

8:00pm Salsa Dancing   

Day 6, Monday 1/30

7:00am – Coffee/Tea/Snack

7:15am – Greet the Sun Mediation

7:45am – Beach Closing Sharing Circle

9:15am – Breakfast

11:00am – Depatures

Rates & Registration

Prices (USD) are per participant and include 5 nights’ accommodations, all meals*, and all retreat sessions. Full retreat price due upon booking.

Private Shared Double
Oceanfront Suite $5750 $3900
Oceanview Suite $5300 $3700
Garden Villa $3800 $2900
Family Villa
(sleeps 4)
$3900 $2800 pp for queen
+ $2300 pp for loft beds
Garden Apartment $3800 $2800 for king + $2200 twin
Retreat Only $1950 (participate in a retreat without booking a room)

All rates listed are subject to a mandatory 21% taxes and services fee.*Custom menu options to replace all meals include Juice Detox, for an additional $500 per person. Final totals shown at booking checkout.

Private occupancy allows one retreat participant per room. If you select Private occupancy and two participants, you will be requesting to book two private rooms. You may share a private room with someone who is not participating in the retreat, such as a friend or spouse.

If you select Shared occupancy, you will be requesting to share a room with another participant. Please specify roommate requests if you are coming with a friend.

Each room except the Family Villa sleeps up to 2. The Family Villa sleeps up to 4. To book 3–4 people in the Family Villa, select Shared > Family Villa Queen > 2 participants, then Shared > Family Villa Bunks > 1–2 participants.  Shared Family Villa will have 1-4 people sleeping in it).

If you select Retreat Only, you can participate in the retreat without booking a room with us. This rate includes all activities, workshops, and meals listed on our working schedule.

Please read our terms and cancellation policy carefully before booking. Still have questions? Read the FAQ or contact us.


Avelino May Xul
Avelino is genuinely great human being, with blissful intentions for anyone crossing his path. He combines his therapies with osteopath techniques, massage, and mayan healing chants and prayer. He is one of the most authentic healers we have ever worked with.  You can always tell when someone has had a sessions with Avelino, because they are practically floating.  He is a very generous and open person, characteristics which greatly enhance the benefits that a therapist can provide. It is an…
Learn more about Avelino May Xul
Michele Clark-Dougherty
I am a spiritual warrior & creator of magical spaces who’s spent 30 years rockin’ the music industry as well. With a husband, children & grandchildren, I’ve transitioned mostly from Malibu CA to the white sand beaches of Tulum Mexico where I co-founded Life Source Retreats. Our retreats attract international like-minded teachers & students (we’re all both!) to share our gifts & remind each other of our inner wisdom & guidance.
Learn more about Michele Clark-Dougherty
LSR Team
You will meet our team of passionate healers and see straightaway that they are dedicated to making your experience with LifeSource Retreats first-in-class. We’re made up of a local group who guide your retreat experience year-round, and an international group of spiritual guides, therapists, healers, and wellness experts who travel to Tulum assist us during certain retreats and activities. Find out more about our team here:
Learn more about LSR Team
Katerina Satori
Katerina is an entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, the Founder of the Catalyst Academy, who has created three successful brands in just 3 years. She’s also Transformational and Business Coach who inspires people to value what they have survived in life as powerful lessons, and turn those lessons, skills, and talents into their legacy – becoming an inspired entrepreneur. When you hear her story one of the first things that will strike you about Katerina is her willingness to dive in.…
Learn more about Katerina Satori