The Water Bearers

The Water Bearers is and organization with an ambitions and very achievable goal of providing clean water to One Million people around the world..

The process is simple: 100 women lead a 30-day campaign, each woman signs up 10 more women and each of those 10 women sign up a further 10 of their family and friends. Each leader has a Goal of 100 Water Systems donated by World Water Day – March 22, 2016.  100% of your Donation goes to the cost of the filter and distribution program via the organization’s partner Waves For Water.

So 100 women x 100 filters donated each x 100 people reached = one million people get clean water.

Over 37 million people die each year from water-borne diseases – that’s over 100,000 people per day!

Each Filter is designed to prevent any harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella typhi (which causes Cholera and Typhoid) to pass through. No pumping, no chemicals, no waiting, no worries! The filter offers an incredible fast-flow rate, it’s simple to use and can even be back-washed to extend its life. Each filter provides clean water for up to 100 people. Filters are currently used in more than 70 countries worldwide and cost just $50.
Together with The Water Bearers their partners Waves for Waters  identifies areas of the highest and most immediate needs for water worldwide.  Waves for Water not only identify the most needy areas, but also send in a team to that area to provide usage and sustainability training to ensure communities adopt a sharing mentality around water, and are ready to take ownership of their own success! A filter is just the start; the relationships and opportunities that come as a result are what makes the difference between surviving and THRIVING!

You and I are blessed to have clean water at our fingertips, but too many people are not so lucky. There has never been a more important time to help. And the great news is there has never been an EASIER, or MORE EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE way to help.

Life Source Retreats is number 55 of 100 of the leaders and our co-founder Michele along with one of our global teachers Erin Toppenberg, will be taking water filters to Ecuador personally later this month. If you would like to donate and be a part of this fantastic cause you can go to the Life Source Retreat page



*Prices based on availability and the offer does not apply to previously purchased retreats.