The Roots of Yoga

“The roots of the practice & science of Yoga are found in shamanism, no matter wich culture, tradition, or practice, They go to the same and come from the same; an intimate relationship with nature and the cosmos. To attain that relationship, it is necessary to develop an intimate relationship with your Self. The only way out is In. We have to be well rooted in our physicality and find balance in our emotional bodies to attain higher levels of spiritual growth. During the yoga teacher certification with Life Source Retreats, we will learn solid foundations for the practice of yoga and engage in ancient shamanic rituals, ceremonies, and practices to develop that relationship and expand our consciousness.” -Rafael Chaman

Rafael Chaman is a student and practitioner of Yoga and the expansion of Consciousness. He received his first certification from Shri Dharma Mitra and has immersed himself in the learning and practice of: Traditional Hatha Yoga, Sivananda, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, Atmavikasa, Yin and Taoist Yoga, Zhineng Qi Gong, and Daoist Qi Gong. Embracing the Principles of Permaculture and the Indigenous wisdom of the Planet, he believes that all the teachings and all the answers are found in Nature.

His classes are heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring, and grounded in a deep knowledge of outer and inner alignment. Every posture is a prayer and offering, while focusing on a heartfelt intention (SANKALPA) and the flow of Spirit (THE BREATH).

Through the journey in this never ending process of exploration and growth, his practice has found a way that he likes to call Nataraja Yoga: A Deep and Conscious Flow to explore and cultivate embodiment and Awarenes. Drawing from many systems and methods of Yoga and Qi gong, Nataraja yoga respects and honors the lineage but never gets set into one form, adapting and embracing all of them as one living organism. In this practice, we use the physical body as a vehicle to heal, awake, and transform for expanding and attaining higher levels of consciousness.


By Rafael Chaman