The Power of Silence

By Gloria Medellín

Making silence: tough task for a person that speaks most part of the day, even with her dog. But what does being in silence actually mean? I spent 5 days without speaking to anyone but myself, and I can say it’s the most beautiful and powerful, life changing experience.

Doing Silence literally means NO communication with the outside world. Not a word, not an expression. It‘s the moment where you are with yourself only, really paying attention to every detail that happens during your day, leading to discover certain aspects that you weren’t aware about yourself.

The first thing I realized was how little time I used to spend with myself. It didn’t take too long before I got bored; too much time and nothing to do, when normally I would need extra hours in my day to do as much as I want to. The reality is that we are not used to being alone; we are raised to always be surrounded by people, so when it’s time to be alone, we face ourselves with a complete stranger. In my case, I found myself immersed in lots of negative thoughts, feeling awkward, feeling lonely.


But little by little I started feeling more and more comfortable; ready to meet this person inside me, the Voice inside me, the observer, the intuition, my true self. I was able to identify and separate myself, my mind and my higher self.

I started observing all the thoughts that came to my mind, lots and lots of thoughts, I mean, our mind is a very persistent workaholic and can literally go all day, even night. By simply observing my thoughts without reacting to them, I was able to recognize certain patterns I’ve created in my mind during my life. The interesting part here is that once the thoughts are well observed and brought into a conscious level, then one can decide if these patterns suit one’s life or if by contrary it’s time to change them and create new ones according to what is truly desired in life.

 Of course, getting to know yourself means facing the good things but also the bad ones; it’s peeling all the layers to reach the most profound part of yourself; it really requires lots of strength and courage, especially when you realize how many unwanted issues you’ve been carrying for years and all the effort, compassion, love, sacrifice, etc., that will require you to get to the bottom in order to start healing from the root cause.

I also realized how many of my thoughts were judgemental, with myself and others, and how much harm that was causing me. My first exercise was to stop these thoughts as soon as they were coming and switched them to positive and loving thoughts. Little by little these judging thoughts started fading away, so my days became more positive. The Law of Attraction is very real and powerful, and the fact is what you give is what you receive, and if you want blessings in life, you should create them from the inside, and that will attract more and more beautiful things.

Being in Silence also made me realize the importance of the words we use. Every time I was about to say something, I had to refrain myself and keep those words inside me, which made me consider the power and value of each word that comes out of my mouth; I understood how the words we speak are significant and have an impact not only in others and myself but in the universe. These words that come out are vibrations, ENERGY, which will eventually return to oneself.

By being in Silence we create the opportunity to connect with our higher self, the voice of our spirit, which is eternal, loving and caring; the one that vibrates in the frequency of the Universe. It is the voice that will help us make all the correct decisions leading us to a happier, loving life. It is by listening to our real desires that we can actually achieve all that we want and let the flame of our hearts grow and shine.


The outside world can easily distract us from our path, I believe the practice of conscious Silence helps us to stop perceiving and receiving any frequency from the outside, detaching the thoughts from the distracting conditions and go back into ourselves, remembering the true meaning in our life, our purpose. I truly believe that in order to maintain our light shining, we must make Silence a habit in our life. It is in the stillness where everything is created, where you can connect and really listen to yourself, so let’s enjoy and appreciate this beautiful gift.

There will be moments where we will feel disconnected, frightened, doubtful, etc., which is totally normal considering that it’s a human condition that we all experience from time to time. The real task is to know that with perseverance, patience and love, we can overcome all these obstacles and grow into a higher and happier version of ourselves. The ultimate goal of every human being is to evolve, to live into the highest frequency which is love; living in consciousness allows us to live in that state, and the longer we practice it, the longer we will remain in it.

Practicing Silence, listening to ourselves, following our intuition, inner awakening, living in a conscious way is the real spiritual path. It’s not about religion but about listening to our heart.  A lovely friend of mine shared with me this beautiful phrase from St. Benedict that summarizes what I’ve tried to say here: “Listen with the ear of your heart“.


May all humans reach the state of Love, making a world of peace and joy for every living being in this beautiful Universe.

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