Terms & Cancellation Policy

Payment Policy

Full retreat price is due upon booking.

Life Source Retreats do not offer a “low price guarantee” of any sort, directly or through 3rd parties.

Prices will vary due to many circumstances.

All booking prices are final.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made with over 31 days notice: 90% refund.

Less than 30 days notice: 90% credit to be used at a future retreat.

One week notice: 50% credit to be used at a future retreat.

In case of no shows there are no refunds or credits.

In case we receive less than 5 attendees for a retreat, we reserve the right to cancel the retreat, and will offer full credit to any paid attendees for that same retreat to reschedule for another retreat of their choice. We will also pay up to $200 USD for flight change fees, and include a complimentary spa session for the inconvenience.

Excursion and Services Changes/Cancellations:  

Advance notice for optional “add on” excursions and/or private Spa or Shaman sessions is strongly recommended.  Due to limited spaces and advance details, it’s not always possible to accommodate last minute requests.  Cancellations & refund requests must be made in writing at least 7 days in advance of appointment or excursion.  

Client Responsibility

Life Source Retreats, their employees, subsidiaries and affiliates, do not own or operate any entity which provides goods or services for your trip including, for example, lodging facilities, transportation companies, food service providers, equipment suppliers, etc. As a result, Life Source Retreats is not liable for any negligent or willful act of any third party.

I hereby agree to be responsible for my own welfare and accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, inconvenience, illness, injury, emotional trauma or death.

I hereby release and discharge Life Source Retreats from and against any and all liability from my participation in the trip. I agree that this release shall be legally binding upon me personally and all members of my family.

The acceptance of a verbal or written confirmation from LIFE SOURCE RETREATS constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions listed herein. Participants are responsible to be adequately insured, therefore travel insurance is strongly recommended*. LIFE SOURCE RETREATS and its staff assume no responsibility nor liability for any delay, loss, damage, injury or accident with regards to persons or property which may be caused by fault or negligence of any third party vendor. This includes hotels, transportation providers, and local operators participating in part for our services. LIFE SOURCE RETREATS shall be held harmless for any expense caused by injury or accident to any participants as well as any loss or damage of personal items while on our tours. We reserve the right to make any changes to services and itineraries, with or without notice, which may become necessary. LIFE SOURCE RETREATS is not to be held responsible for changes in itinerary beyond our control, this includes bad weather or hurricanes, any inconvenience or complication caused by a hurricane’s direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike. There are no refunds due to flight cancelations or changes, strikes, labor disputes, lockouts, threats or acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war.

* Worldnomads.com is a reliable, flexible travel insurance if you are interested.

By submitting payments toward LIFE SOURCE RETREATS you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the details of this retreat, please feel free to contact us to set up a Skype conversation or to receive further info via email.


The booking will be made in the currency used in the country where the hotel is located. The prices shown in other currencies are only for informational purposes and are subject to exchange rate variations.

Privacy Policy

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