Adrian Salas

Native of the magical community Amatlán de Quetzalcoatl, raised by grandparents within Tlahuica Nation (Nahuatl word meaning “People of light”), being initiated into the spiritual ceremonies of their tradition, knowledge of herbology, holistic therapeutic and ceremonial sweat lodge, sacred maize cultivation and arts like chanting and painting as ways to “deify the heart” and collective work for the achievement of the common good, towards healing and peace. He also has received instruction in therapeutic and healing in other countries, such as physical and energetic therapy in Spain and Slovenia and Healing through sound in Nepal with Tibetan bowls. He is currently Deputy Director of Muuchxiimbal Maya Ceremonial Center (“walk together”, in Mayan language), where he has lived for more than 15 years, continuing learning and spreading of everything related to Mayan culture and spirituality and developing a self-sustaining community project, preservaton of nature and traditional customs of practices of Mesoamerica.