Avelino May Xul

Avelino is genuinely great human being, with blissful intentions for anyone crossing his path. He combines his therapies with osteopath techniques, massage, and mayan healing chants and prayer. He is one of the most authentic healers we have ever worked with.  You can always tell when someone has had a sessions with Avelino, because they are practically floating.  He is a very generous and open person, characteristics which greatly enhance the benefits that a therapist can provide. It is an honor to have him amongst our holistic wellness retreats team. He was one of the hosts for a special edition of TED talks in Tulum, Mexico and receives downloads of leading edge information which he shares with our retreat attendees to help them heal themselves.  “There should be only one religion… and it should be called “Love”  Avelino



Events with Avelino May Xul

Yoga & Meditation Tulum Mexico Beachfront Retreat
October 10, 2019

Where Life Source first began,  Brittney Rose has found a new location that has its own natural cenote in the ocean, so the seaweed problem won’t affect guests.  This special location is hidden away, so guests will not have to struggle with the hustle, bustle or traffic of the hotel zone. Here we find peace, serenity, privacy that allow for an optimal digital detox.  Participants will be introduced to several different yoga and meditation practices and the principles on which…