Simplify to Amplify

By Dana Damara

I’ve been reviewing my life these last several weeks.  And not just the last year, like most may do.  No, with all the astrological orchestration we witnessed in 2016, I decided to go back about … oh … 8-9 years.

With this last Mercury Retrograde aligned with the Pluto Conjunction and the Winter Solstice, I decided to dig a little deeper. I thought it might be important and I was right.  Digging deep can be very enlightening to say the least.  It’s been a journey … these last 8 years … a flipping journey.  For me personally, I feel like my life has shifted 180 degrees and I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling.

But we can’t ignore the reality either, that this last year was a doozy for a lot of us.  And if you look at what went on in the sky astrologically speaking, it makes a ton of sense.

Here’s my big take away from all of this … and I mean all of it.  I’m not going to dive into the specific issues because we all know what they are and which ones are important to us and why.  We’re all watching the same “movie” and just noticing that which resonates (or triggers) us in varying ways.

But here’s my big take away …

Simplify to Amplify

Yeah … it’s that easy.  And coming from someone who tends to take things to the deepest level of understanding possible … this is going to be my new mode of transportation for a bit.

I said yes to a lot last year; actually I’ve said yes to a lot for the last several years.  And I am thankful I did because my life is this massive smorgasbord of people, opportunities, situations, and experiences that have shaped my world so beautifully.  And in that massive coloring of exploration and discovery, I have re-membered something.

Less is actually more.

I came back to California with nothing just 4 years ago.  I remember thinking, “Should I be excited or sad that everything I own actually fits in my car?”  I remember being so humbled buying a stack of four plates, bowls, and glasses for me and my daughters.  I remember cuddling with them both in my bed for weeks because they didn’t like sleeping on the futon that was gifted to me when I had no money to buy them each a bed.

And those times were incredible and so fulfilling.

They’re growing now and aren’t so much interested in hanging out with me.  Although I have to keep replenishing my cabinet of plates, glasses, and snacks because now all their friends are coming over and spending some time – albeit it’s in their rooms with the door shut.  I remember moving into our home just over a year ago and thinking, “Yes, we need space to breathe, to move, to create and to grow.” 

And we have.  So much …

Since I’ve said yes to so much, I “have” that much more.  Relationships flourish and connections extend further than I can imagine.

And there are days I feel spent.  I feel tired.  I feel too responsible for too much and too many.  The time it takes just to plan my daughter’s social calendar (full of parent cross checking and rides too and from said event) is a full day sometimes in and of itself.  Add to that, the lovely tribe of epic, and I mean EPIC people that support me and DDE, Youth Elevate, and Girls Elevate on a weekly basis, is almost breath taking … or is it breath giving?

I’m a blessed woman who has a track record of manifesting every single thing that comes out of my mouth.  Very important that I speak truth as it would be …

And, admittedly I am an introverted extrovert.  I like my down time … love it actually.  It’s like I plug in and hear the pulse of Mother Earth.  My heart starts to beat in time with hers and life flows.  Getting on the ride of my life that I have created outside of that magical connection can get overwhelming and a little loud.

But it’s always a simplifying process isn’t it?  We continually are looking at what is working and is not.  It’s a bit like cleaning out the closets, or the garage, of which I need to do both ironically.

My life is a Divine Manifestation of my thoughts and I have to say that as much as I’d like to sit on the top of a mountain or at the ocean, day after day after day in silence… I would get bored and miss the sounds of laughing children, arguing siblings, and a room full of chanting yogis.

But I do thrive in amplifying and co-creating with the Divine and that’s challenging when the channel I’ve chosen for my life is not always a quiet, contemplative one.

So I continually simplify.  Simplify my day, my conversations, my choices, my life.  I am continually weeding out the unnecessary noise so I can hear what Spirit is saying. And it doesn’t always happen “in meditation”… it’s in every moment actually.

2017 for me personally will be one of amplification – a larger perspective into what is real and true and connected.  One that makes sense and what really goes back to the moments in time where we recognize what a true “treasure” or “moment” is.  In those moments of amplification we realize that the little simplest things, people, experiences are really the most amplified, powerful and potent times we have.


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