Primary Nutrition

By Mónica Tapia

Since nutrition related topics have been buzzing around a lot lately, I decided to investigate a bit more about the benefits of a proper nutrition, searching about diet, vegetarianism, veganism, holistic nutrition, alkaline diet, and a bunch more with fancier terms.

I kind of understood the idea of a healthy, balanced, natural nutrition, and everybody trying to come up with new diets. I remember when milk was supposed to be healthy, when chocolate was evil, when sugar was not forbidden, when four liters of water a day could have killed you, I remember when nutrition trends didn’t change so fast, so I asked myself, what if I just listen to my own body.

Of course milk wasn’t healthy, not for me at least. Of course chocolate is evil, a delicious one. And surely too much water might kill me, but this is just for me. What if we start listening to our bodies and feeling what is right for us, what makes you feel energized, awake, light and happier, balanced, clear minded and in touch with your own beliefs, your own system, and aligned from the inside out. And what about what I call (following the fancy term trend) Primary Nutrition.

You might think I’m talking about water, fruits and vegetables, but I am not. I’m talking about what really nourishes us, what gives us the energy to face another day, the strength to breathe. We are getting close, sure breathing is included in Primary Nutrition because if you stop breathing, well, you know what might happen, so first step: breathe.
But how to breath? Inhale deep and consciously, hold it up a little bit, then exhale deep and consciously. See? We all know how to start because it is our nature, so don’t worry, you’ll get there.
I am breathing, now what? Nourish yourself with the real thing.
And what is the real thing? For me, the real thing is a hug from my loved ones, a walk with my dogs, a pen and a blank sheet.

We have to understand that we all get our primary nutrients from different things, just ask yourself, ask your body, ask your mind: What do I need to survive? What are those things that I can’t live without? That particular moment without which this day is not worth it. Answer that, and there you have it. Now you are thinking that this is just too easy, there has to be something else, some metaphysic answer, something beyond a hug, I can asure you there is not. That first thing you thought after asking what makes you want to breathe for another day, that is your key element for Primary Nutrition.
Now hold it, write it down and read it everyday, draw it and hang it somewhere right in front of your bed, stick it around with post-its, get a tattoo, do whatever you need so you don’t forget it and DO it everyday, because something so simple may go unnoticed.

Give it a try, open yourself up to a new approach as you have already done with so many others. Next time when you are feeling weak, when you are feeling sad, or a bit down and you don’t know why, just stop, breathe and nourish yourself with that one little thing that makes everything make sense. Then grab your water, your fruits and vegetables and you are ready to go!