Presenting Brandon London
In just a short time, Brandon London has quickly emerged on the LA Fitness scene as one of Southern Cals hottest trainers. He’s used 8 years as a professional athlete workouts to create his version of a high intensity training method that’s both fun and challenging for people with different fitness backgrounds. Winning a Super Bowl with the NY Giants, he’s learned what it takes to not only train the body, but, to discipline it as well. As a well rounded trainer, Brandon has learned and been certified in multiple training methods such as TRX, Power Plate, Sports Conditioning & Full Body Cardio classes. Taking one of his classes is a unique experience to say the least. His outgoing and sometimes goofy personality makes the training experience fun and personalized as well!

Brandon has created two workouts specifically for this retreat he’s leading with us:

Sand City Bootcamp:
This Bootcamp was designed as an High Intensity Full Body Cardio workout to give a body burn to someone new to training up to a well conditioned athlete. Using body weight and bands for resistance training allows the athletes to tone and condition their muscles, while not having to worry about injury due heavy weights and lifting. Unique uses of cardio are also super-setted with the workouts to give the athlete a well rounded and fun workout.

Sand Cardio:
Burn more calories per step without inching up your incline or pushing your running pace. Studies show that you’ll activate extra muscle just by treading on the loose stuff rather than solid ground. Because sand grains constantly shift, your body is constantly being forced to stabilize itself during each stride. We’ll be running in intervals and adding in a fun relay race at the end. A 10 minute abs session will finish the workout and have the athlete feeling great!
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