By Dana Damara


Unconditional love
Infinite Love
Intimate Love
Self Love

It’s all been tossed into my life in such an obvious way, it’s laughable.
Almost overwhelming.

Truth be told, I use the word love ALL THE TIME.  I was once told that I overused the word.  That I didn’t know what it meant.  That it should be reserved for important, special situations.  One person in particular told me to please stop using that word; it was “condescending”.

Odd creatures we are …

Interesting to look at how we label the love, define love, block love, try to control love, and protect ourselves from this infinite energy.  Like we have a choice.

We don’t.

I believe that love is at the root of everything.  Even at the root of fear.  Love lies at the edge of it all. And because everything starts with love, everything will end in love.  If we sit in any energy long enough, even the uncomfortable ones, love will rise to the occasion. It’s guaranteed – you just have to sit intently through the static, commercials, advertisements, and less than perfect distractions.

Sometimes love is obvious – like when you look at a newborn baby.  But sometimes it takes a hot little minute to get there. Sometimes you have to go through grief, anger, shame, or fear before love will reveal itself.  That’s when it gets really, really real.

When there’s that exhale after a heated argument; an unresolved issue; or an admission of deep appreciation.  A look in the eye beyond the guarded stance; beyond the closed off words, and in the thick of negativity … there is love.

Every single time.

Reality check:  I have my hands in a lot of fun projects.  And I’m a single mom with one helluva tribe to support me with my children.  Every now and again I ask myself, “Why am I doing this or that?” And I re-member… because I love.

I love yoga
I love the breath
I love deeply authentic conversations
I love my daughters
I love feeling like my efforts make a difference
I love being part of a team
I love that my daughters stand up to me
I love that I get hugs at work!  Every single day!
I love music – dance – movies

And finally, after all these years, I love myself.  For so long I blocked love, protected my heart from love, was scared to love, didn’t think I deserved love. And now, I look at my life … and I know it’s all here because I have always believed in love.

Even in the toughest times … love sits, waiting to be acknowledged, shared and amplified.

Love is the only thing that will get us where we need to go and love is all we need to survive.  Just love … that is all.

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