Life Source Retreats will be holding a Sister Circle this Friday 6th May at 7.00 pm in Alaya Hotel.

Sister circles are a great way for women of all ages and walks of life to connect, celebrate and transform! Uniting with Unify’s global network of Sister Circles that take place all over the world once a month, Life Source Retreats are holding our monthly Sister Circle tomorrow Thursday 6th May at 7.00pm.

Come and join us to meet some loving and like-minded women and find out how great it feels to connect and transform in paradise. Each Sister Circle takes on its own personality and goes in whichever direction the women who turn up decide to take it. No pressure, no rules, no requirements!


If you will not be in Tulum tomorrow, you can find another Sister Circle wherever you are in the world by following this link:  or if you do not find a Sister Circle in your town- why not start one!