Dec 2015: Life Source Retreats Release Their 2016 Calendar of Luxury Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Retreats in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico. December 4th, 2015.
Life Source Retreats, launched February 2015, has made its mark in the Wellness Tourism Market by offering unique group retreat vacations available for solo travelers, couples and groups.


Priding itself on the high quality of content delivered during each 6-day all-inclusive retreat, Life Source Retreats feature a core team of talented leaders and guest retreat facilitators from across the globe to guide participants in health and fitness, yoga practice, detox, optimum nutrition, and above all else – spiritual wellbeing.


“The group dynamic of each of our retreats makes it a unique experience every time”, says Co-Founder and CEO Michele Clark, “I love witnessing the individual journey each participant takes in order to arrive at their chosen retreat. Once a group takes shape and all the participants arrive, the energy of the group flows and connects so well. I can see how the universe assembled all cooperative components for this exact grouping of like-minded individuals to be together at the same time at this retreat. It’s always perfect. “.


The 2016 calendar of retreats offers a wide variety of options. The most popular retreats ‘Be Light: Wellness Detox Retreat’, ‘Power Light: Detox & Fitness Intensive’, ‘Yoga & Meditation: The Art of Stress Free Living’, ‘Live Life on Purpose: Law of Attraction’ and ‘Journey to the Heart: Finding Inner Peace’ with Erin Toppenberg are repeated frequently throughout the year. The 2016 calendar also incorporates guest retreat leaders such as: Vyda & Aida Bielkus, Cathy Lorberbaum, Jess Blake, Dana Campbell, Dana Damara, Lily Avery, Nick Soderblom and Enicia Fisher (to name a few), who each bring with them their own dedicated following of participants.


Life Source Retreats are held on the beautiful white sand beaches of Tulum, located at the southern tip of the Riviera Maya – at the stunning Alaya Tulum Hotel. David Graziano, owner of Alaya Tulum, Ahau Tulum and Villa Pescadores is also Co-Founder and CEO of Life Source Retreats. “I wanted to create a hotel that delivered more than just a great vacation experience”, says Graziano, whose Ahau Tulum hotel, opened January 2012, was rated number 7 ‘Tripadvisor Top 25 Small Hotels — Mexico 2014’, the only Tulum property featured. “While in the development stages of Alaya Hotel Tulum, I decided that this property needed to be a place of inspiration and wellness. I wanted to create a uniquely inviting space in magical Tulum, a place where people would come from all over the world to gather for transformational retreats. Together with Michele, whose growing passion for self-care and wellness has landed her in Tulum, Life Source Retreats was born.”


Both Clark and Graziano agree that the most rewarding part of Life Source Retreats is the opportunity to take part in, and positively influence, the journey that each member of the retreat experiences over the course of the week. “The most miraculous thing that happens is that after only 6 days with us, every person leaves and says, “This changed my life”. This is why we do what we do. We look forward to welcoming in the New Year and with it, the future guests and friends we will be lucky enough to greet and share our experience with.” Says Clark.


 About Life Source Retreats:

Life Source Retreats Delivers Luxury Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Retreats in Tulum, Mexico. All-Inclusive destination retreats in a luxurious, tranquil space where our guests can connect and transform through wellness techniques such as yoga, meditation, detox, excursions, nature, sharing and a variety of exercises to nourish and expand the mind, body and soul. We seek to achieve inner peace and balance, not just during the retreat, but long after your suntan fades!



Sara Jones