Jan 2016: Life Source Retreats Partners With Best-Selling Authors To Offer: Secrets to Tantric Intimacy – A Retreat for Couples in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico. Jan 26th, 2016. Life Source Retreats recently announced its partnership with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver, best-selling authors of Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy.

Both Meuth and Zental have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding their love and relationships over the past two decades and will join Life Source Retreats in a special couples retreat in the popular Mexican tourist destination of Tulum.

As founders of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago, they are internationally renowned workshop leaders, relationship and intimacy coaches, and certified Tantra Yoga teachers and will lead a comprehensive week-long agenda alongside Life Source Retreats at the Alaya Hotel, Tulum on April 26th – May 1st. Including couples yoga, workshops and couples homework, the schedule also allows for free time to enjoy spa services, a Mayan clay ceremony on the beach and a traditional Temazcal experience.

“Feminine energy is based in estrogen, the slow hormone so to speak.” explains Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, “There is a tantric ritual for the woman that we teach that allows her to reawaken and experience joy and bliss with her beloved.” As producers of the DVD Series ‘Creating Intimacy & Love’, Meuth and Zental have also been featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Over. “Once a man learns how to use the conscious breath and his pelvic floor muscles,” says Freddy Zental Weaver, “he is able to circulate his precious life force energy for a deep sustained intimate connection.”

Spa Finder Wellness 365 recently announced ‘Sexual Wellbeing’ as one of the top wellness trends for 2016. The recent report states, “The Internet explodes with articles like “Yoga for Better Sex” – and while it’s certainly sexy clickbait, it’s also true. Studies indicate yoga improves all aspects of sex: arousal, performance, orgasm and ejaculatory control.” Spa Finder also commented, “When destination spas took baby steps years ago, they typically centered on couples’ therapy (how to improve communication, etc.). But the focus is now turning to more personal, proactive education, exploration and empowerment.”

Secrets to Tantric Intimacy – A Retreat for Couples, is a specialty retreat by Life Source Retreats held at the Alaya Tulum Hotel, Mexico on April 26th – May 1st. Guests can currently save $500 per couple when booking before Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


About Life Source Retreats:

Life Source Retreats Delivers Luxury Yoga, Wellness & Spiritual Retreats in Tulum, Mexico. All-Inclusive destination retreats in a luxurious, tranquil space where our guests can connect and transform through wellness techniques such as yoga, meditation, detox, excursions, nature, sharing and a variety of exercises to nourish and expand the mind, body and soul. We seek to achieve inner peace and balance, not just during the retreat, but long after your suntan fades!



Sara Jones