Let’s Celebrate the Eternal Spirit

By Natalie Gianelli

No one dies. We just transform.

Belief in the Eternal Spirit may be stronger no where than it is in Mexico. In a delicate melding of Aztec and Catholic influences, the Mexican people created Dia del los Muertos – the Day of the Dead – which is celebrated every year on Nov. 1 and 2.

Shunning sadness and mourning, this is a lively and joyous celebration which invites the spirits of our dearly departed back to share food, drink, music, dancing and the activities they loved while they were here. There is no need for sadness or mourning because it is recognized that their spirits live on.

With this most popular Mexican holiday as a backdrop, Life Source Retreats is offering a seven-day retreat, “Celebration of the Eternal Spirit,” with special participation by Natalie Gianelli who for 18 years has been a direct channel to the Grand Spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles and his “Band of Angels.”

Natalie began her journey with channeling while living in Arizona. When she met Dr. Peebles through another beautiful channel, she was immediately taken with his heart centered advice and wit.

“He (Dr. Peebles) is all about love, and that really spoke to me,” said Natalie. “So when he asked if I would consider becoming a channel, I was excited; but I never intended to do it as my life’s work. I thought I would do something ‘normal’ so I could make channeling my spiritual work, but get a regular day job,” she says lightly.

But as the channeling deepened for Natalie, it became clear that being a voice for Spirit was certainly her heart’s path.

She has traveled across the county and to several foreign countries to share her connection to Spirit with those who are seeking greater understanding of their lives here on the planet and their own nature as Eternal Spirits.

At the “Celebration of the Eternal Spirit” retreat in Tulum Oct. 31 through Nov. 6, Natalie will offer two group sessions where she will trance channel messages from Dr. Peebles. The first will be a look “Behind the Veil.” You will hear from this grand spirit about the transition from human to spiritual life, what you can expect to encounter when you pass and about the spirits who await your return.

Before the retreat ends, Dr. Peebles will return to help you understand that you are never alone and how you can learn to communicate with your spirit guides to make life on the planet easier, more joyful and more abundant in every way.

Natalie will also conduct two consciously-channeled workshops.

On Nov. 1, Dia de los Inocentes (Day of the Innocents/Little Angels) she will offer a workshop to teach you how to love, nurture and direct your inner child – that scrappy little you who wants to jump in and speak/act for you at the most inopportune times.

The second workshop on Nov. 5, will be on living as spirit first and as a physical being second. In this workshop you will learn how to live a more fulfilling life and manifest what you want by connecting with the energy of who you are first.

As with all our retreats, space will be limited. This a rare opportunity for individuals to be with Natalie in person, since most of her work is done remotely. For more information and to register, click here.