So just who is Natalie Gianelli?

We wish it were possible to personally introduce each of you to Natalie Gianelli, who is co-leading our Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) retreat beginning on Halloween in Tulum. It is hard to find the words to describe what a warm, loving and humorous person she is. You just have to experience her for yourself.

In the advance of a personal introduction, we’re going to give you some links at the end of this article that will give you a taste of her amazing, uplifting energy.

Natalie considers it a blessing to be able to spend many hours a week in direct contact with guides and spirits from beyond our human realm. “This spiritual connection has given me a beautiful understanding that we are, as Deepak Chopra and others have said, spiritual beings having a human experience.

“When we truly understand that we are energy first, we can learn to direct the energy of our spirits to create the experiences we want as physical beings – whether that be health and wellness, openness to abundance, loving relationships or endless baked macaroni and cheese,” she told us.

In line with that concept, Natalie will be conducting a workshop on how to Live as Energy First and how to get what we truly want by working from the inside out!

She will also do a workshop on how to recognize and direct our inner-child impulses that so frequently cause us to do and say things that complicate our lives and relationships.

There’s much more to tell you about the many offerings and activities at the retreat, but you can read all that on our website page for the “Dia de los Muertos – Celebrating the Eternal Spirit” retreat. For now, take a minute to meet our dear friend and teacher Natalie Gianelli:

A video invitation to join Natalie in Tulum.

A YouTube video of Natalie.

Natalie’s website.

Join Natalie as she co-hosts Día de los Muertos Retreat Oct 31- Nov 6 at Alaya Tulum. Email or click here.