Joy in Life

By Gina Morley


Little moments of joy and taking time for yourself add up. Sometimes it can feel like you need to get everything done before you give to yourself. When really, when we give to ourselves first we show up better and brighter for everyone else. So this is your permission slip. Today, before you serve anyone else, find for yourself a pocket of joy and light up your soul. And anytime you feel yourself pulled into worry or fear, notice yourself, then find another little pocket to lift you out. If you do this over and over, I promise you that you will start to shift where your joy thermostat sits at.


Here’s some ideas, some little, some bigger… take this list and add to it for yourself so you build a toolbox of joy giving moments to light you up whenever you need. Think of it like a box of chocolates you can dip into whenever you feel bleh, but these magic chocolates made of light are good for you…


  • Take a moment to look up at the Sun and feel it shining on your face.
  • Make your favourite tea and sit sipping it consciously nurturing yourself.
  • Write an email to an old friend sending them love.
  • Put on a feel good song while you wash the dishes.
  • Buy a present for your sweet self.
  • Stretch out like a cat and relax fully just for a few moments of bliss.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Draw something.
  • Get your camera out and take some artsy photos just because…
  • Cut out some images that you love and stick them on a board.
  • Do one thing towards your secret dream.
  • Look up some travel blogs and get inspired by far off places.
  • Find a quote online that speaks to your heart and print it for yourself.
  • Throw something old out – clothes, trinkets, makeup etc…
  • Scream into a pillow.
  • Hug a tree – for real… see what it says to you!
  • Lie on the grass.
  • Or just lie down on your bed and hug your sweet self for a few minutes.

You are beautiful and any of these things can give you a self love and light boost and bring you closer to your true shining self. Choose one for today, or make your own, and do it like it is the most important thing on your list. Because it is. You are love and you are light and your soul is just waiting for you to fully remember it.