Inspired Action

By Dana Damara

You know, this whole election is really upsetting me.  Actually to be clear, the state of our country is really upsetting.  I want to go on and on about what’s wrong, I really do!  Just to vent and get it all off my chest and out of my heart.

But it’s so heavy; it’s all so heavy.  The weight of our mistakes, our guilt, our shame, our anger, our fear, our illusion of separation … it’s all so heavy.

And everything this week that has happened represents an open, gaping wound of our country – individually and collectively.  It’s not just “the guy” running for President; let’s get real.  It’s what he represents, which is something that lives in all of us on some level.

He has hit a nerve for us all; at some point, on some level, for some reason, and for that maybe we can be grateful.  Why?

Because someone once told me that if it’s hysterical it’s historical.  And believe me, what we are experiencing is historical; it’s in our bones, in our DNA, in our ancestry.  And through this vile specimen of a human being, he is opening the wound for us all.


There are a few things happening here that I cannot ignore.  One is the astrology of the now.  The Full Moon this Saturday in Aries is conjunct Uranus; meaning the Divine Feminine, which IS the Moon, is sitting on top of Uranus, the masculine planet of imploding and deconstructing so we can make new.


Now let’s also scoot about 90 degrees from that and we witness Pluto conjunct Mars in Capricorn. Are you kidding me?  Our shadows ushered into the light with the force of Mars so we can heal and move forward without all our heavy baggage.

Yup.  And …

About 90 degrees from that we have the Sun and Mercury fairly close to one another — illuminating our communication – our ability to speak and listen – along with Jupiter to spice things up and amplify them; just in case we aren’t hearing what’s REALLY happening.  Or just in case we are afraid to speak our truth.

All in Libra:  relationships, love, balance.


And then let’s not forget something okay?  And this is important so please listen.


We live in a holographic Universe.  We are all having our own experience, slinging it around at each other via social media, and it’s all playing out to reveal the truth of how we ourselves are digesting this mess inside.

Make sense?  Get it?

  • I know that’s challenging because God forbid we would stop looking outside of ourselves for one minute and actually get real with our thoughts, words and actions.
  • God forbid we would actually take responsibility for how we ourselves are actually contributing to this nightmare.
  • God forbid we could actually look inside and see where we can heal our own selves and get REAL with our own shadows and bring them into the light.

One of my teachers says, “Everything we are experiencing is a product of a past thought.  WE have created this moment.”  And I believe it; whole-heartedly.  I’ve done it… I’ve watched myself create time and time again EXACTLY that which I desire to experience.  But it hasn’t been without some dredging into my own mess.

Let’s pause for a minute … and take a look at our own thoughts, deeds and actions and turn them into what is real and true and right.

Get on your mat, climb your mountain, surf your wave, ride your bike, clear the shit out of your past, and clean the wound … NOW! Because on the other side is the grace, the gratitude, and the love that is found INSIDE ; not outside, not begging or asking for someone (a candidate) to save us … but inside.

We cannot continually rely on someone to save us … not our nation, not ourselves.  We must rely on Source … period.

For me, personally, this whole situation and Trumps words and actions make me more angry than I have been in a while.  It hurts because I WAS that girl who was assaulted.  I WAS that girl who was raped.  I WAS that girl who didn’t know how to act after the fact, when the whole school found out.  I was so ashamed and thought for so many, many years that it was my fault.  That it was something I did wrong because that’s what my family and society told me so many years ago told me.  That’s what all the kids who bullied me told me … that there was something wrong with me.

But I know better now and I am experiencing a very different reality.  In every area of my life I experience love, support, intimacy, trust, and integrity.  And that is because I have looked back many times and forgiven.  Forgiven him, my family, the others, and myself.  None of us knew any better and honestly, that time now fuels me forward with an energy that is unstoppable.

What’s upsetting though is how this one situation is creating separation instead of inspiration.  It’s awful that one man can do this and it brings me personally back to that one moment in time some 34 years ago in a small junior high school in Michigan.

But instead of wasting my energy by continuing to perpetuate it, I am taking inspired action.  I’m staying up late and doing what has to be done to create something new and different and helpful.  I’m speaking frankly and openly to my daughters.  I’m telling them what’s up so they get it.  I’m working way out of my comfort zone to make a difference.

Because honestly, it’s easier to lead retreats, teach yoga, write books, and live my truth in that way only.  And believe me .. that aspect of my reality isn’t going anywhere.  It’s my love … my light …  my breath and it’s how I stay connected to the Divine.  I just have decided that Kali needs to be in this mix right now so I burn the candle at both ends with a fire in the middle because I know She has my back as do many angels walking this path with me.


But here’s the thing … I also love a challenge.  Tell me what I can’t do and I do it.  See the injustice and I make it right.  Lead from love with no fear … yeah, that’s the now.

Remember it’s all a karmic reflection of our own past; take heed and make a change. Take inspired action to heal your own path and see what that does.  That’s all for now.

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