Inspirational Fight for MS Cure

Dearest Friend, Family, co-worker, acquaintance (anyone in my circle)

As I am sure you are aware (or may not be), 5 years ago (coming on 6 years) for a short week I lost most functionality of my right hand. I was seen by a neurologist and they figured after looking at my MRI images, I possibly might have MS. This loss of function only lasted for a week and went away (thankfully). For the next few years after this episode, I was being watched by the neurologist and had many MRI’s to watch for diagnostic changes possibly indicating MS. Since my clinical symptoms did not come back and MRI’s stayed stable and even some improvement I managed to stay clear of the diagnosis.

However, this past August (2015) I had a routine MRI and the images indicated as slight increased in one lesion. With this increase in size and with recent changes to the diagnostic criteria to receive treatment, I was officially diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. This was huge for me, even though I remain to be symptom free, I now have the diagnosis. I became one of the statistics… another one of the many Canadians living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

So my story has changed, I am no longer just fighting for others, its personal…I am fighting for myself and for all who this diagnosis affects (my family, *Nig, *Tilsyn, *Devyn and the rest of you who i did not mention-:).

I am hoping that hearing my personal story will bring you in touch with and trigger you to pay closer attention to the fight against MS. It is my desire and mission to have people in my network to get on board with supporting me and others in the fight to conquer this horrible illness.

This year I am riding because “I HAVE MS!”

Wow, that was so hard to say….but it is my life.

Please GIVE 10, 20, 30 50, $100, whatever you can give to help researchers find a cure and shed some light on all of us and families that have to face this, day by day they are getting closer in the fight.

This is my 3rd year riding for the MS BIKE tour. I feel very blessed that I am still able to participate and have an even bigger invested commitment to raise the valuable funds for the disease.

I was able to raise over $3000.00 last year and my team Inch by Inch collaboratively raised over $11.000.00 This year…I am shooting for $5000 plus!

Please support me and tells others to support us in the MS Bike tour by making a secure donation online or make a contribution to me in person…every little bit helps., every little bit!!!

Times may be hard for some this year…get creative! Maybe collect some bottles, have a garage sale, etc. then donate your proceeds.

Please help me fight this! My team “TEAM INCH BY INCH” is made up of my dedicated, loving and supportive husband, my sister and her spouse, close friends and some of our connections! It is small but we can make change! You can see my team roster, by checking out my team “INCH BY INCH”.

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