Follow Your Heart


capturadepantalla2016-12-13alas8-51-22p-mBy Brittney Rose

Trust in the Universe… Or follow your Heart?

There is a certain level of ease and surrender when you allow yourself to trust in the Universe and it’s ever expanding, mind blowing destiny that is delivered to you in doing so. It’s something, I’m sure, that all of us to a degree have experience in. You know that natural high you get when you let go of your plan or expectation, and then suddenly, like magic, greater opportunities begin arriving within your consciousness. You’re giddy, almost child-like.  Potential paths show themselves and you jump at the idea of receiving something you may have thought to be too grand or too outlandish before it arrived. This is EASE-y. This is flow. How life is meant to be – the art of allowing. When we quiet the mind, we allow space for resistance to disappear and Life Force flows to us and through us, the way it is meant to. It is a wonderful feeling to know that something larger than our mind-body selves is at work and always has our best interests at play. Now, why all of this is true and powerful, I’d like to highlight the power of one’s Heart. When the mind is not particularly calm or quiet, we sometimes find ourselves in a state of confusion. Maybe an energetic tug of war. Part of you is saying yes to one route, and part of you is uneasy. You want to trust the Universe and what it is presenting to you, but…. You’re just not sure. What if I told you, as infinite and ever providing as the Universe is, there’s something just within your reach that holds even more power and guidance: your own Heart. What if the Universe is, in fact, presenting an opportunity to you, SO THAT you can follow your Heart, instead? Sneaky, isn’t it? 😉 There is a collective energy presently so full of power and force, across our entire planet right now. The shift we have been talking about for so long is actually, finally here. Through experiences, trials, self discovery and awakening, our fellow men and women are literally being forced to choose between a more positive vibration or the lower-but possibly more familiar-one. Our perceived flaws and shadow sides are emerging and requesting of us complete honesty. To be so vulnerable and so honest, there is only one way- via our Heart space. The Heart whispers, at first, but the more we can quiet the mind, the louder the Heart seems to speak. Within this emerging, the Universe is presenting us all opportunities of a different kind: the opportunity to fall into old habits and patterns. So the next time an opportunity arrises, ask yourself: With no thought involved, what was my natural reaction? Did my heart JUMP (with joy!) at this idea? Did I feel fear, unease? What is the root of this fear? Is it my heart steering me in another direction, or is it my Mind, fearful of change and the shedding of old, comfortable patterns?

Here is a clue: the Heart, never, ever leads from a place of fear. The Heart leads with an all knowing, calming feeling of peace. Confidence is our true essence. This all knowing can be uncomfortable for the mind and even threatening to the ego. So I ask of you one thing: in everything you do, check in with your Heart space. Let the mind’s assumptions and clutter fall to the side. Lead from there, and  trust your Heart even more than you trust in the Universe. Because, the Universe has a sense of humor in it’s dealings, and it is guiding you, lovingly, back to one thing- trusting and believing in your own Life Force so powerfully, that eventually no doubt is present. That is where the play is, the flow, the creative force that IS our divine being.


Smile, get ready for some fun, and know- you got this 🙂