Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Transportation

Where is Tulum?
Tulum is on the east coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on the Riviera Maya. It is a small town 80 miles (130 km) south of Cancun and 40 miles (65 km) south of Playa del Carmen.

Which airport do I fly to?
Cancun International Airport (CUN), in Cancun, Mexico, is the nearest airport to Tulum. From Cancun airport it takes 1.5 hours by car to reach Tulum. Some people also fly into Cozumel.

Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?
Yes, a valid passport is required to enter Mexico. Please check your country’s restrictions.

How can I get to and from the airport?
There are several options:

Let us schedule your ride
We can arrange reliable and comfortable private airport pickup/dropoff for the following prices (USD):

  • 1 – 2 people: one way $125, round trip $240
  • 3 – 4 people: one way $140, round trip $270

Having a private, air-conditioned car can be far more relaxing and time-saving, and removes any issues of negotiating the price with a regular taxi. You know what the price will be up-front, and there will be no stops between the airport and where you are going (unless you want/need to stop somewhere), which is something you are likely to face with the resort shuttles. If you are willing to share the ride, the cost will drop depending on how many people are in the car. Please send us your flight details when you book with us or to inquiry@lifesourceretreats.com, and if we can pair you with other of our guests with similar flight itineraries, we will.

Take the bus + taxi
Upon leaving the airport terminal, look for the ADO booth where you can purchase your ticket to Playa del Carmen. One-way tickets are $15–18 USD. The bus will take you to the terminal in Playa del Carmen. Get off in “Playa”, then buy another ticket to Tulum. You will pass the ruins, but don’t get off there; get off at the ADO station in “el centro”. From there, take a taxi to the hotel. Taxi prices from town to different hotels along the beach road vary. You may negotiate the fee with the taxi driver before you get in, but it will cost around $120 pesos/$10 USD).

Hire a taxi at the airport
This is the most expensive option, but will also make things easy as they will take you from the airport to the hotel entrance. Approximate cost: $150–200 USD.

Rent a car
It’s usually very affordable to get a car for a week, and the drive to Tulum is easy. However, parking space is scarce along the beach road. Also, car rental offices may include charges for insurance and even perhaps tell you that they won’t let you leave without it. If you have it covered on your credit card (make sure you do), you may be fine (especially with HERTZ in our experience), but they MAY put a large “hold” on your credit card instead.

We recommend that you relax completely and leave the driving to us! With all the tour options and classes we offer, you really won’t need a car.

Driving directions from Cancun airport:

From the airport follow the main highway south towards Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Stay on this highway until you reach Tulum pueblo, about 45 minutes past Playa del Carmen. Once you reach Tulum (after passing a police stop and the turn-off to the Tulum ruins), turn left at the beach access road at first traffic light where the 7-11 is, toward Boca Paila. When you get to the end of the access road, there will be a T-junction. Turn right.

What if my flight is late or arrives late at night?
If you are arriving on a late flight, the easiest option is to have the private car service.

Registration & Booking

How can I register for one of your Signature LIFE SOURCE RETREATS?
Select the retreat you would like to attend. Inside the retreat page, select your dates, occupancy, and the number of participants. Email us at Inquiry@LifeSourceRetreats.com if you need more help or call the U.S. number at +1-818-483-6447.

What if I don’t see the kind of retreat that I would like to try?
Email us your request at inquiry@lifesourceretreats.com or call us and we’ll work our magic to try to make it happen! You can even invite your favorite instructor to host a retreat on our properties, or gather your friends and family and we’ll customize something amazing for you all!

What if I can only come for 3 or 4 nights? Can I still participate in the retreat? Would I get a discount on the price?
Our team has worked very carefully to create an experience that flows over 6 days. If you miss the first welcome ceremony, you will miss a lot. If you miss the final night’s activities, you will miss a lot. We recommend that everyone comes for the full 6 days and 5 nights. But if you could ONLY come for 4 days or nights, we could still accept you and try to make you catch up. Just know that the experience would not be as rich as if you attended the entire retreat. Pricing would be the same if you only come for 4 nights as you would likely take the spot of something else who would come for 5, and most of the costs are “per retreat” not per night.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards. PayPal accepts credit cards, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Upon arrival when you pay your remaining balance, we accept credit cards, US dollars, and Mexican pesos.

I saw this same retreat for more (or less) on another website. How could that be and will it effect my rate?
Retreat prices could vary at times on websites, social media, in publications etc based on scholarships, last minute vacancies, 3rd party discounts, outside teachers, extra commissions or special promotions. Whatever price you confirm when you book will not change one way or the other. You will not be liable for any increases, nor will you be refunded for any sales, discounts or promotions. Please be happy with your price and room when you purchase and trust your are exactly where you are meant to be.

Do rates include tax?
No, taxes are an additional 19% plus 2% service charge. Final rates including tax will be shown at booking checkout.

What if I’m traveling alone?
That means you are a very beautiful, adventurous and courageous soul. And you are exactly what we are looking for. We can’t wait to finally meet you. You can book a private room or we can pair you up with someone wonderful – depending on your budget, availability and your desire to connect! Most of our guests come alone.

What if I want to share a room with a friend or spouse who is also participating in the retreat?
Selected Shared occupancy. If you select 2 participants you will automatically be paying for 2 and be assigned to the same room. If you want to pay separately, select 1 participant each and let us know who you want to be paired with. Also let us know your bed preferences (king or two doubles) at checkout.

What if I want to share a room with a friend or spouse but he/she doesn’t want to participate in the retreat?
Select Private occupancy to pay for the room and your friend or spouse is welcome to stay. Please know that he/she would not be able to join us for any of the retreat’s meals, excursions or activities. Also let us know your bed preferences (king or two doubles) at checkout.

Can I bring my child to the retreat?
We recommend children over 13 years of age only to participate in retreats (unless it is designated as a Family Retreat). Attendees with younger children may want bring a nanny, or we can give you contact information for a local babysitter. Please contact inquiry@LifeSourceRetreats.com for help.

Our Hotel

What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is at 2:30 pm and check-out is at 12:30 pm.

Are there electricity and outlets in the rooms?
ABSOLUTELY! Because Tulum is an eco-zone, MANY properties do NOT have electricity or outlets, but WE DO. Please keep in mind that electricity is generated from solar panels or generators, so please use it sparingly. Any devices requiring high amounts of electricity to run should be left at home (these items include hair dryers, curling irons, kettles, etc).

Is there a restaurant?
YES, there is. But you won’t need it, since our retreat attendees’ food is made freshly and served at the scheduled times. We serve local fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh local fish and chicken, and we also offer customized options for raw, vegan, and juice cleanse menus as add ons.

Are there bikes to rent?
Yes, we have bikes!

Is there laundry service?
No. The town of Tulum offers laundry service that you can drop off and pick up via taxi. If you like we can handle that for you for a service charge of $100 MXN per trip plus the cost of the laundry.

Are there spa treatments available?
Yes, we have an incredible team of Mayan healers, energy workers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and other specialists for a lot of spa services that we can book for you in advance. Some of the services you can book are listed on our Spa Menu.

How do I book a massage or other services?
Please email us at inquiry@lifesourceretreats.com.

Is there an ATM on the property?
No, Alaya does not have an ATM, but many do up and down the street. We actually recommend using the ATM at the supermarket on the way into town.

Health & Safety

Do you provide filtered water?
Yes, filtered water is provided for you in a beautiful in your room. If you have a water bottle, feel free to bring it. All of the food, ice, and beverages are prepared using filtered water.

What vaccinations do I need?
Vaccinations are not required to enter Mexico. We believe in personal responsibility.  Please make your own educated choice. Find more info here.
Note: Remember to bring any of your own personal medications!

Yoga & Meditation

What if I haven’t ever done yoga or meditated before?
Many of our attendees have never done yoga or meditated before. We are open for ALL levels! From the most advanced yogis to the newbie—we all teach each other and have something wonderful to learn and contribute. All are welcome and accommodated. For special needs or if you have injuries or an illness, please talk to us in advance. “If you can breathe, you can do yoga!”

What practices other than yoga & meditation are offered? What is included in the price?
Soooo much!! Life Source Retreats are very rich and carefully designed to give our guests the maximum amount of transformation in the shortest amount of time. ALL of your meals are covered in your package price, along with yoga and meditation classes, workshops, excursions, experiences, etc. Private sessions offered at additional cost.

We “Greet the Sun” each morning, have shared circles, beach walks, and other wonderful specialty experiences such as a temazcal (Mayan sweat-lodge) ceremony, a trip to the Tulum ruins or an underground cenote, sound healing, a Mayan clay ceremony, fun night time activities, (we never know which musicians will come to perform for us), and perhaps a casual kirtan chanting throughout the evening, a silent meditation, or a walk to the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve.

Private therapy sessions, massages & spa treatments, acupuncture & life coaching sessions are just a few of the other options offered by our professional practitioners and healers for an additional cost.

Are the retreats good for both men and women?
Absolutely, YES! (Unless otherwise stated.)

How much yoga, meditation and other classes are there each day?
There are approximately 3-8 hours of optional yoga, meditations, talks, workshops, exercises, and excursions each day (fewer on arrival and departure days). See our Example Schedule for an idea of what your week will look like.

What if I’m a religious person? Is this a religious retreat?
Love is our religion. And we practice it with subtlety. If you are a traditionally religious person, you are invited to bring your religion with you in your heart. We don’t preach or convert. And we encourage our guests to do the same.


Do the rates for retreats include my airfare or ground transportation?
No, your flights and ground transportation are NOT included in your retreat price. You have the option to have airport transfer arranged at booking checkout.

Will my cell phone work at the beach?
Tulum is located near a secluded, pristine, jungle beach, far away from “civilization”, and YES, there is cell and WiFi coverage (most of the time)! Yet remember, many of us are here to experience seclusion, isolation, tranquility, connection, peace, and transformation! There’s something powerful to be said about getting off the grid. Some guests choose to stay “offline” while attending Life Source Retreats as it deepens the experience. In case of emergencies, you would still be able to send and receive messages, but ultimately the choice to “unplug” will be yours. Phone usage is prohibited during group mealtimes, classes, and practices.

Is there a phone number at the hotel?
If you would like to speak with us on the phone before your arrival, please email us to set up a phone conversation (via Skype or our Mexican or US phone numbers). While you’re here, cell service can be challenging on the beach at times, so you may want to put an “away message” on your voicemail. Your loved ones can contact us via email or phone in case of an emergency.

Can I bring my stash? (Yes, this question has been asked.)
In accordance with Mexican state and federal laws, the possession or use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.

Do you serve caffeine?
Yes, we do. And we also recommend that you use your retreat to break through your routine and behavior patterns and explore new ways of being. Maybe caffeine is one of your “addictions”?

What if I don’t eat all meals or do all excursions, do I get any refund?
No, our cooks and staff make sure your spots are reserved for all retreat meals and opportunities, so we cannot issue refunds for any circumstances.

Is alcohol served?
No, but there are many restaurants and bars around that we can recommend right next door to us even – and you can BYOB if you like.

Can I bring my dog? Cat? Other pet?
Recent laws have restricted them on the beach. Contact us if you have a pet, and in certain cases we can make exceptions. An additional pet cleaning fee may be required.

What will I need to bring?

  • yoga mat (we have plenty, but it’s always good to use your own)
  • comfortable, loose fitting yoga clothes
  • sunglasses, hat, sandals, beach wear
  • sneakers
  • t-shirts
  • light, long sleeves/trousers for the evening
  • sunscreen & mosquito repellent (both bio-degradable and eco-friendly, please!)
  • ear plugs
  • personal medication
  • journal/notebook and pens
  • camera
  • an open heart and your open mind.

Tulum is super stylish, yet very casual, and you will find yourself barefoot most of the time! We recommend you leave the high heels at home. Light beach dresses and flip flops are the norm here and totally fine for any bars or restaurants. A flashlight or a headlamp is also a good idea for walking around at night along the beach road.

What is expected as gratuities for staff?
We have people working around the clock to accommodate your needs during your stay: daily cleaning service, reception, concierge service, chefs, waiters, and security. They work very hard to make sure you have everything you need and that your stay is comfortable. We suggest the following gratuities for them upon check-out for a 5 night stay:

  • Kitchen staff $30 USD
  • Reception $20 USD
  • Housekeeping $20 USD
  • Nightguard $10 USD

But this is completely optional… You are also welcome to contribute a lump sum and we will divide it among the staff.

Please feel free to call us at our US number 1-818-483-6447

or email us at Inquiry@LifeSourceRetreats.com