Burning Man Radical Self-Expression

Burning Man Radical self-expression

As Burners all over the world are making their way to Black Rock City… Burning Man is top of mind and the topic of many conversations in Tulum.  Our very own Life Source Retreats Co-Founder, and creator of Ahau Properties has been going for almost 2 decades! As the end of August approaches, many of us can’t help but think about heading to the Playa. For those that have never been, we wanted to share what the REAL hype about Burning Man is really all about:

“Be open to the possibility that ANY experience in your life could dramatically change the way you see the world.” –John “Halcyon” Styn

To blend life and art so you can’t tell the difference is one of the core principles of Burning Man. Add this simple mantra daily by choosing to honor nature, creativity, your own artistic pursuits, cooking a meal for one or many. Live life with purpose and incorporate more art into living, wherever you can.

Go with the flow, time doesn’t exist. There are many flows to join and contribute to all around you, and you always have the choice to switch it up.

Radical self-expression is permission to be yourself, other fully expressed people like when you are authentic, no matter what that looks like. Give of yourself and take note of what energy you receive & how that makes you feel.

Give yourself permission to be limitless. Any experience, large or small can transform your perspective here on Earth, in society, or in your work. Your future is what you create it to be, every moment of every day.

Face your fears, face yourself. Radical Self Reliance is most present when learning to navigate with your own intuition as your personal guide. Trust yourself, you’ve got this.

Non-judgement of both yourself and others. Everyone else is in a process, just as you are. Be loving and supportive vs. negative and isolating.

Attending Burning Man isn’t just about the party, the art, or even anyone else. It is about awakening to your connection with yourself and that which surrounds you. Honoring the Earth with the Leave No Trace mentality is a good practice not only physically, but also for clearing emotional and traumatic waste lying about within us. We demonstrate the impermanence of any society or specific religious structure, by burning our beloved Temple that holds our altars, grief, sorrows, regrets, prayers, and dreams.  We teach one another about self-examination, self-love and living with positive intention; through ceremony, rituals, spontaneous prayers, and get downs on multiple dance floors. We teach civic responsibility and communal effort within a gifting society. The greatest spiritual experience one can draw from Burning Man is to incorporate these principles into their own lives, families, and communities after they attend the event.

By Tabatha S. Conrad