“Appreciation” or “Gratitude” this Thanksgiving

By Michele Clark

I appreciate you so much! But I am not grateful for you.

Sounds bizarre, right?

That’s because many of us use the words   “gratitude” and “appreciation” interchangeably even though they’re actually quite different.

Gratitude is more often associated with something or someone outside of us. We’re being given or blessed with something we may (or may not) deserve. It has an implied judgement that maybe we’re getting something we aren’t truly worthy of.

Appreciation on the other hand, comes more from the inside.  It’s the highest feeling of alignment (right alongside of Love- according to Abraham-Hick’s Emotional Guidance Scale).

Love and Appreciation are the strongest indications that our thoughts are in alignment with Source (aka Heart, God, The Universe, All That Is, Inner Self or whatever you call it).

Appreciation is unconditional love & seeing life “through the eyes of Source”.

While most of us know where the origin for the US holiday of “Thanksgiving” came from (pilgrims and Indians), as we grow, we’ve been able to transform this Holiday to be an opportunity to be more consciously aware of what we are “Grateful” for – or maybe now- what we Appreciate!

Appreciation is an “inside job”. And today- I appreciate YOU for taking the time to read this.

PS: in our retreats, we’re encouraged to write down 3 unique things we appreciate each morning. It starts the day off in a higher vibration and will enable you to find even more things to appreciate!  Give it a shot! Send us your list…

PPS: another great Thanksgiving activity is what we do in our retreats called “Fishbowl”. If you don’t know what it is… ask us. If you do know what it is – try it with your family, friends or co-workers this Thanksgiving after Turkey dinner!