6 Resolution Boosters… Live Life on Purpose!

Tips to Create Resolutions / Intentions that will become your Reality: Live Life On Purpose!

Many of us have a history of  those “New Year’s resolutions” not quite working out.  So many people give up because it’s disappointing to let yourself down over and over again.  Here are some tips to create resolutions that will actually stick! 

1) WRITE DOWN how you want to FEEL!  One of the main reasons “Resolutions” don’t work is because we ask for specific things to do or happen.  We really only want those things because of how we think we’ll FEEL when we have them… So  decide how you want to FEEL- and write that down! 

2) VISUALIZE !  Close your eyes and   see it happening… Feel how you’ll feel when you’ve made this Resolution a reality in your life!

3) Look for the GOOD in life and other people.  What you focus on expands… This will put you in the best place to create from- the highest emotions are Love & Appreciation. 

4) DON’T keep score. Every time you look around for your Resolution to see if it’s there yet, (ie Where’s the money? Where’s my new partner?)  you’re essentially telling The Universe that you don’t trust it.  ALLOW it to come and it will.  It actually already exists! 

5) Do SOMETHING every day towards that goal… Even if all you do is spend ONE MINUTE re-reading your what you wrote and Visualizing it happening – that’s enough. Do SOMETHING… That little action will help re-align your vibration to be in sync with your creation. 

6)) ALLOW it to come!  Stay out of the details of “How will this happen?” and just KNOW that you are a Powerful Creator and you’ve set your intentions.  The Universe is assembling all cooperative components- so allow it and definitely get excited about it!  

Here are some examples:  

* If you want to lose weight, ask yourself WHY?  What will you FEEL when you lose that weight?  And write THAT.  So for me, I’d say: “In 2016- I’m excited to feel sexy, strong & healthy!” Then in my visualization, I can see myself in tight little jeans & a t-shirt, or better yet- a bikini! Now I can see it happening & FEEL what that I will feel when it does!

* If you want more wealth, (why do you want it? How will you feel?) I’d write “I’m in the process of creating Abundance in my life.  I like feeling safe and secure in the Universe- I know all my needs are met & there is enough for everyone to have what they want & need”. Then visualize what abundance looks & feels like in my life.  (Bali here I come)!

* If you want to find your soul mate- again- ask what do you want to FEEL?  So maybe write: “I’m ready to feel loved, adored & cherished!  My soul mate is on his way to me now & oh what a beautiful connection we have!” And then see him & feel what it feels like when he holds you in his arms.

These are just some examples… Write your own!

Some additional reminders:

You can’t push against “what is” and create something different.  So first find a place of peace with your life exactly as it is right now- and then find that eagerness and excitement for what is coming next!

Set your Resolutions/ Intentions, write them down & how you want to feel when you create them,  see them happening & then just allow them to come at the exact right time!  Don’t worry about the “how’s”.  Let The Universe (God, All that Is, Higher Power or whatever you call it) OUT-DREAM you! 

We get into more details about how to “Write a New Story” & using “High Vibration Bridge Statements” at our Life Source Retreats – but for starters – try this “New Story” about New Year’s Resolutions that work: 

“I like how it feels when I set intentions that actually do come true!   I’m excited to see this new method work for me.”  

And so it is. Live Life On Purpose!  Happy New Years my friends! 

Michele Clark

Michele leads a “Write Your New Story” Workshop during all Signature Retreats and some Specialty Retreats.  The “Live Life on Purpose: Law of Attraction” Retreat gets even deeper into these tools…. Click here to join us